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At Spruce & Bond, we believe hair removal can be something you actually look forward to.

Our Story

Imagine a world where razors are a thing of the past; where nicks and irritation exist only as a distant memory and stubble is old news.

Founded in 1998 as Completely Bare, we envisioned a totally new concept in hair removal – one where clients could expect the highest level of expertise and standards, in an environment where they could feel at home and talk about anything with us.

With our 2014 relaunch as Spruce & Bond, we're even more dedicated to this mission. Our customized wax, laser and brow treatments – plus highly trained specialists you actually want to talk to – help our clients stay smooth and confident without spending hours in the shower.

S&B marks the end of pre-appointment jitters.

We’ve designed our studios to feel like your second home, and despite being the best in the hair removal biz, we like to keep things fun… we’ve even been known to throw impromptu dance parties when the mood hits us. So you can come in, sit back, and let the smooth happen.

What we do

We perform three services – laser, wax and browlab – and with over 1/2 million treatments performed, we can confidently say that we are the best at what we do. We offer the latest technology, the most expert specialists, and facilities that are spotless and will make you feel at home.

Our Specialists

Every S&B specialist has completed rigorous screening and training, and is the best at their area – whether it’s wax, laser or brows. We also screen for people people, so all S&B specialists are experts at making clients feel at ease and comfortable talking about anything. So don't be shy, because they’re not!

Want more info?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 212.366.6060 or We’re more than happy to tell you more about what we do and we can also schedule you for a complimentary consultation. A consultation can help you determine which of our services is right for you.

The S&B Way

After one too many painful bikini waxes in a sketchy back room with a gruff technician, we decided things could be better. We set about to redefine everything about the experience – from the pain (this one sent us to Europe to formulate a whole new type of wax!), to the specialists, to the amenities in the locations. Everyone and everything at S&B is dedicated to making hair removal simple, effective and fun. Yes, we said it...FUN.

So no more stressing if your "person" is fully booked – at Spruce & Bond you can rest assured that it will be an enjoyable experience no matter which studio you visit, which specialist takes care of you, or which body part you need de-fuzzed.

Our people are what make our brand. If you're energetic, fun, and believe in the S&B mission, we want to meet you.


Dreaming of a world without razors?
You’ve come to the right place.