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Can I treat my bikini area if I'm on my period?

Sure, as long as you have a tampon in. Though it is worth remembering that some people are slightly more sensitive when they are on their period.

How much do treatments really hurt?

Both waxing and laser hair removal can be uncomfortable, but in most cases the pre-appointment anxiety is worse than the real deal. Usually, the first treatment is the most uncomfortable, but at the end of the day, pain varies by person and body part. Just remember: every specialist has been trained in the best, least painful way to wax and laser, so if something's not right, speak up! We want you to feel good about what's going on.

How long do I wait between treatments?

For wax and brow treatments, we recommend four weeks. For laser hair removal, the general rule of thumb is between four and six weeks, but your specialist will let you know what works best for you.

What kind of wax do you use?

If you've ever had a wax with us, you know our signature formulas are truly one of a kind. We have our own proprietary waxes that we import from Europe that are specially formulated to grip hair, not skin, so there's no unneeded pulling and fewer ingrown hairs. Depending on the body part being waxed and your hair's texture, we use a hard formula, a softer, strip-removable formula or a combination of the two to amp up efficiency while scaling down discomfort.

How does laser hair removal work?

It's actually really cool: when a specialist pulses the laser on the area being treated, the laser creates a beam of light that passes through skin and zeros in on the pigmentation in each hair follicle. This heats up the follicle and curbs it from making new cells -- no new cells means no new hair. 95% of people will see at least 70% reduction in hair after 5 treatments.

Is laser hair removal really permanent?

Yes, laser hair removal permanently reduces hair growth. 95% of people will experience between 70% and 95% less hair on the treated area after a full series, but it can vary by person and body part. Most people need to swing by every so often to touch up any areas where new hairs pop up.

Will laser hair removal work for me?

We'd love to say "absolutely!" every time, but laser hair removal results vary depending on skin color, hair color and body part. It's just not for everyone. Our best advice is to come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists so we can take a look at the area and discuss your options. Often, we can find a permanent treatment plan that will work for you, but we want you to be happy with the result, so we'll always be upfront if you are not the best candidate.

What types of laser machines do you use? Are they the same type I would find in a doctor's office?

We are obsessed with laser hair removal and only use top-of-the-line machines, meaning they are often better than what you'll find in a doctor's office. In fact, we've performed thousands of treatments -- more than most doctors' offices ever will (they have other things to worry about!). Depending on your hair and skin type, the body part being treated and your phase of treatment, we will use either the GentleLase, GentleYAG or BBL machines. No matter which one we use, our specialists are tirelessly trained to be pros in the technique and safety of each machine.

Is hair removal safe?

It is at Spruce & Bond! We have been doing laser hair removal since the '90s and have performed hundreds of thousands of treatments. Not only do we use the best, most up-to-date equipment, everyone on our staff undergoes top-notch training and ongoing skills tests throughout their career. Our industry is regulated and monitored by state and local governing agencies, but we are total safety nuts so we go above and beyond to make sure you are in good hands every time. Plus, if you're ever unsure about something, we are happy to answer any questions. Don't be shy!

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